“Breaking Through Barriers to Satisfy Our Customers”

Our Promise

BTS promises to never forget that our customers are the most IMPORTANT PEOPLE in the world, it is why we exist and no stone will be unturned until our customers are satisfied.

Customer Experience

BTS is a distributor of top quality janitorial products, equipment and supplies. We are dedicated to insuring that our customers have the best experience possible from the minute you view our website until your order is shipped and arrives at your door.

Our mission is to make your job easier by offering products that help you take your business to the next level. BTS wants to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and we do that by offering superior products and services and treating each customer with mutual trust and respect.

Markets We Serve

  • ➢ Building Services
  • ➢ Corporations
  • ➢ Educational Institutions (Nursery to University)
  • ➢ Food Services
  • ➢ Government Agencies
  • ➢ Healthcare Facilities
  • ➢ Hospitality
  • ➢ Retail

Training And Development

BTS offers discounted or free training and development courses for its customers as an added value for being a BTS customer. For more information on training courses please contact BTS and ask about our BTS Customer Rewards Training Program.

  • ➢ Carpet Maintenance
  • ➢ Cleaning Systems and Team Cleaning
  • ➢ Customer Service
  • ➢ Equipment Usage and Maintenance
  • ➢ Restroom Sanitation

No Problem Is TOO BIG

  • ➢ BTS can formulate special chemical compounds to address your particular problem
  • ➢ BTS can find the products you need at the costs you can afford
  • ➢ BTS stands by its products
  • ➢ BTS is always looking for ways to improve the health and safety of our customers and their employees

Ask The Cleaning Experts:

If you have cleaning or janitorial equipment questions and/or problems, please send an email to our “Cleaning Experts” they’ll get back to you with an answer. You can also review our FAQ’s to see if we can find an answer to your questions.

1. How can I get rust and paint out of a carpet?

The best product for cleaning rust out of a carpet is “Rust and Brown Remover” a carpet browning and light rust remover that neutralizes the carpets alkalinity to reverse browning and yellowing.
To effectively remove paint on carpets use “Citrus Spot” paint oil and grease spotter, this product is used to remove heavy grease, oil, chewing gum, ink and adhesives (use a large towel and dab the carpet).

2. What is the best product for deodorizing garbage dumpsters?

The best product for cleaning dumpsters is “Spray and Stay” a new technology that clings to the dumpster while sanitizing and deodorizing. Spray and Stay reduces odors, germs and bacteria and is available in multiple scents.

3. How can I save time when sanitizing restrooms?

The best and most efficient product for sanitizing a restroom is “BT Oxy-HP Cleaner” an environmentally responsible multi-purpose cleaner, made with the power of “Hydrogen Peroxide” which breaks down organic stains while reducing human and aquatic toxicity.

4. What is the best and fastest system for stripping a floor?

Very few products have the stripping power of "All Brite Plus" an aggressive non-ammoniated floor finish remover that strips high accumulations of floor finish and cuts grease, dirt and soil.

5. How can I help make my team be more efficient?

The following will insure effective and efficient cleaning teams:
- Use products that clean effectively and efficiently
- Use the proper amount of product and the proper equipment to reduce cleaning time
- Create cleaning work plans that reduce time and increase proficiency

6. How can I get my employees to understand the importance of customer service?

BTS offers customer service workshops that focus on assisting companies in meeting and exceeding their customer experience goals. Please contact our office for additional information at info@btsjanitorialsupply.com