“Breaking Through Barriers to Satisfy Our Customers”

About Us

Break-Thru Solutions (BTS) Janitorial Supply is primarily concerned with safeguarding your facility and the health of your employees, and the people who live, work and play in your community. BTS understands that human health and a clean environment is one of the biggest investments an organization can make. Our customized and unique approach provides our clients with products and services that protect against current and future health threats. The primary focus of BTS is to tailor customized solutions to address client’s needs and challenges, using a holistic approach specifically designed for the customer.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the janitorial supply industry. BTS will focus on providing customers with exceptional service. We believe “A clean and sanitary environment is an investment”.

What We Do

  • ➢ BTS designs a series of products to increase efficiency and our customers bottom line by finding the right product at the best price
  • ➢ BTS offers specialized training programs specific to our customer’s industry and needs
  • ➢ BTS develops customized formulated products for your specific needs
  • ➢ BTS is designed to be customer centric providing the best customer experience at all touch points
  • ➢ BTS backs its products against any company in the industry

Why We Do It

  • ➢ BTS is obsessed with educating our customers to insure they are aware of the latest janitorial related technological advances
  • ➢ BTS wants our customers to be globally competitive which is why we only sell superior products
  • ➢ BTS thrives to increase our customers return on investment by offering unique solutions based on facts gained through pre-assessment analysis
  • ➢ BTS works hard to maintain a long-term partnership with customers based on mutual trust, respect and success
  • ➢ BTS will offer information on best practices and innovative products and work hard to anticipate our customer's needs